Out of the void into creation, Supernovas!

Posted On Mar 21, 2022 |

I’ve always been fully guided and knew what I wanted deeply inside.

That doesn’t mean I always let it.

It’s always been “too much”.

And often I went with that too much.

Because I was curated through experience and nature to be highly alert as to everyone’s emotions, I would then feel the shock, shame and rejections I triggered in others when I pushed the boundaries of what ever was “ok” in that moment.

It turns out all the ways I broke my own perceived rules and felt shameful and “over the top” are the exact and precise roads to my growth and any kind of positive results and flow in my life.

Turns out, following my own nature IS the way I guide myself and others to evolutionary freedom and my own personal liberty to actually live our lives in a way I can give back and thrive and be in purpose.

Anything else is disease, dynsfunction, disappointment, and is done, honay.

We are operating with heart based frequencies and expanding into our magnetic capability to create far beyond the world of 3density we used to be so grid locked into in our own minds.


We get to change our minds and be a whole new being and we ARE creating everything about ourselves NOW.


All of those redirections to the program are empty right now as we shift into next gear and roll with these transits.


We feel this void and confusion.


That redirect is PRIME for REBIRTH and your own mind, vision and desires are either yours or ready to be overriden.

You choose.


Own your frequency my supernovas, there really is nobody like you. Our work is just beginning.


Love your frequency you are the miracle 💎✨