This program birthed in the ECLIPSE of January 2019
 is about giving up the 'ISH' that you don’t want in your life
and you’ve had the worst time letting it go!

Finally quit that bad habit and evolve into the integrated and embodied rockstar

 YOU that is calling you!!


In this PRE-RECORDED experience you will receive:

  • A self guided audio to release physical and emotional tension and pain in your body and mind 
  • Open up to your own clarity and VISION Listen as many times as needed uncovering new layers to release each time 
  • Premium support recorded LIVE from Val in the group for two weeks you get access 
  • Life changing clarity and new tools to support you to living your most impactful and powerful soul vision!

Open up to your limitless self that is calm, centered, confident and certain of who you are, how you do it,
open and relaxed,  able to receive guidance
without feeling
the shame of the ages.

We get to let that sh** go.

Yes I am ready to clean the slate and clear my vision - give me access now!

Val Cripps Cosmic Activatrix Energy. Mindset .Soul Guide/Mentor/Artist

"Ok. Wow. Just WOW. I started yawning like crazy about 2 minutes in. And that continued for at least 2/3 of the recording. Still yawning now just not as much. At the point you mentioned about holding pain somewhere in the body, I felt sudden pain between my shoulder blades. I breathed through that pain for several minutes then felt it shift to mid back. Then it dissipated. Crazy thing is that just typing that the pain came back. Almost as a reminder. I think a few sessions with this will release that shit for good. I AM READY to move it. So f’ing relaxed right now."

Single Payment of $333
or 2 Payments of $177