About Valtopia

I am Val Cripps of VALTOPIA.

⚡️Soul Regeneration ARTIST
🦋 FrequencyGUIDE

⚡️LOVE your Frequency. You are the miracle.⚡️ 

While you're a true LIT human, and have overcome SO MUCH, there are those times that the painful setbacks seem to pop up again when you go to expand into your bigger visions.

You are ready to BREAK THROUGH to a deeper level of you and to GLOW up what USED to lie low or inactive.

You'd LOVE to take the mask off and fully be what you catch glimpses of every day but haven't figured out how to stream through on demand, more fully, more of the. time.

As in, YOU ARE READY TO BE YOURSELF in your work and at home. Your full cosmic being aligned and effectuated into your meatsuit human body. :)

The mask, the stiffness, the feeling of who you were is so intertwined into who you *think* you are, you are ready to hire an expert to come in and do some heavy lifting and deep digging with you into your own POWER SOURCE of creation within you.

Your own deepest self trust and knowing that no matter what, you have your own back, you DO know what to do, and you ARE always supported, so your desires are HUGELY valid and whatever you ask for is aligned AND YOU RECEIVE!
This doesn't have to take ages! I am an expert at rapidly and lovingly disrupting your pattern that vies for your SOUL freedom.
We carefully and powerfully REBOOT everything about you within and without energetically, which manifests as DEEP SHIFT physically, mentally and throughout your entire being.

The energy in my frequency and in the work we do to tap into yours LIGHTS YOU UP. In these moments you will begin to shift your perceptions, beliefs, energy and being because these past moments of pain are your own personal source of limitless divine power to LOVE, create and live fully.

Let us begin the journey to YOUR aligned and expansive BIZ rebirth TODAY so YOU can feel in purpose, uplevel your income, deepen your impact and feel that wonderful vibration of peace and magnetism within you that IS what creates these amazing results and change in life.

Your relationships will blossom as you get to know and truly be all of yourself rapidly and powerfully.

Your next leap is now.