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⚡️LOVE your Frequency. You are the miracle.⚡️

Val's STORY in pictures, words and video:

Valerie Cripps is a two time Oscar winning FX animator and international best selling author turned

Val is an energy guide, quantum healer and divine activator who collapses time, and recalibrates world changing leaders of the new earth to their highest resonance and most divinely aligned vibration, bringing bliss and power to places that used to drain and punish them.

After her only brother died in 2014, Val went through a difficult and powerful awakening. 

Life seemed good on the outside, but on the inside, she was shutting down more slowly each day, shrinking to fit into the confines of her own mind, and the limited barriers of her stifling marriage.

She found herself running on empty, knowing that everything had to change.  It felt so heavy and impossible but she finally let herself


She began to do VOICE OVER ... a life long dream. It really opened her UP!

She got online to discover what was WRONG so she could change her life.

 She discovered all the things that were RIGHT
and began to open UP EVEN MORE!  

Why was she experiencing so much body rejection of food, why was her baby having so much eczema, why did her child have so much sensory issues...?

She started out to do a food/healthy blog, and 

found herself diving deep into the winding world of the 

...ONLINE spiritual business and self help coach world.

She went from selling her hand painted watercolors for $150
to creating
life changing, divinely IGNITED EXPERIENCES
for  international coach super stars who invested thousands
that blew their business UP in the best way!!!

  She went from being in a cubical all day, sick and bloated with depression, suppressed emotion and disconnected from herself, her vitality, her art, and her gifts and passionate purpose for LIFE...


She spent her days at the beach, learned about her gifts and practiced them daily with other women around the world.

She published an international best selling coloring book, learned DNA activating healing modalities.

She jetted around the world to Maui, Kauaii, Bali and the Gold Coast experiencing first class inspiration, clients and expansion in her business.  

 As she was creating healing experiences for thousands via livestreams, posts, shares and conversations, she went through her painful and difficult divorce.

 She led in visionary leadership as she learned to lead herself, sharing every step of the way as authentically and heart felt as she was guided to, going live pretty much daily, for almost four years.  

She has inspired countless divine leaders to believe in themselves, trust their gifts and to live in their purpose through the miracle of owning our frequency and living in aligned focus.

She discovered her voice and broke through eons of conditioning  
to stand up and bring through her unique, powerful healing modalities.   

She birthed her company, platform and movement, Valtopia,  illuminating FckYeahs around the world, lighting up her powerful clients to their joy  as she went through divorce,  built up her company, community and raised her two boys single part time.  

Val lives for authentic exuberance, bold ambition and heart felt empowered compassion that leads to divine creative expansion and rich wealth.

 Val is currently coming into more Fckyeahs daily,
impacting lives to expand in abundance, working with LEADERS and creators 1:1
in groups, painting, raising her boys and
growing the Valtopian library of FckYeah frequency activations!

⚡️LOVE your Frequency. You are the miracle.⚡️