All my clients raise their prices...

Posted On Apr 12, 2023 |

The leadership of self comes first & then comes a natural progression to raise the standards.

All my clients raise their prices ...

when they truly do the deep energetic work with me. 

On their own. 

They OWN it. 

They initiate it.

After a certain amount of engagement with me and my unique magnetic client process and divine activation and alignment…

There comes the message.

This totally awesome, deeply loving and powerful af message:

“Guess what Val. I did a thing”. 


They decide. 

On their own.

Everything we do in our work together up till that point...

Makes it so natural and effortless 

because they have embodied 

a higher vibrational self resonance 

and their mind is opening to the deep belief work 

and shifts and they can’t NOT see 

where they undervalued themself 

and had been allowing such misalignment 


The leadership of self comes first

And then

Comes a natural progression ...

To raise the standards. 

And not for me for anyone else, but through a deep and personal clarity and conviction.

It’s a joy to witness and I experience it again and again in my beautiful practice

helping incredibly gifted natural healers 

to embrace their divine nature and be so much more supported, 

resourced and living the truth of their hearts and vision.


They are willing to be supported and expanded through processes that could deflate and destabilize ...

I’m in it, living the truth of it.

They choose to be guided. 

Lit up. 

Look within and DO THE WERRRK the delightful way, the deeply loving way, the oh YAS I’m

Doing this way.

That is unique to each client.

Their higher selves and energy just come together and I listen and share. I am the vessel. The conduit of brilliance each one of them truly is.

As in they are living their blessings, their gifts, letting it come through 

and be a part of their lives and evolving with it, allowing healthy body 

and mind to prevail AND abundance, wealth and living the dream to come true.

Through the darkness

Through the failures

Beyond the scars of wounds healed over

And beyond the grip of stories and beliefs that feel attachments like limbs, long

after they’ve been severed

We integrate and reconstruct the ROOTS

And we get a REBOOT

So many of us get stuck

And loop around in our familiar

Brain pathways

Our bodies revolt and recoil

From what we declare we want and BE

Even though

We be doing the things

Choosing the new


Showing up

We ricochet up and down the spiral


As we ASK FOR AND RECEIVE our divine essence and BEING.

And today and recent transits

Have showed us where! 

Oh man have they showed us with emotional

And energetic depth and focus.

And now

It’s all stirred up in our field

And parts of our energy system may be recoiled in response to the weather and 


It would be a blessing

And ✨This is the frequency ✨I’m guiding into the Valtopiasphere

When everyone 

Witnesses in love and reverence their inner pain

Reclaims with devotion and commitment their deepest passion

LIVES blissfully and neutrally resonant their eternal prayer

That’s a Fckyeah to me!

I am here for it and so are my clients!!

Love your frequency you are the miracle!!


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