Posted On Mar 21, 2022 |

Nobody talks enough about this.

I've been in the room with the big ballers earning thousands monthly. It's the ones who saw to THIS within themselves and invested in massive support for it who I've seen continuing to succeed in their wildly massive vision.

So many wonderful and magically gifted and VITAL creators never crack through their own 'glass ceilings', because THIS is not talked about.THIS: Holy sh*t! Expansion is messy AF!

We want to think it's all neat, tidy and "when this happens, I'll be like this".

The reality is you are a larvae and a butterfly at the same time.

You are in the middle of a massive UPLEVEL, with deadlines, and visibility and everything you've ever dreamed up and DID INDEED call in, AND

🤦‍♀️ you're actually REBIRTHING at the same time.

You've called IN massive shift, it's HERE, because you KNOW how to call in what IS for you. And now your body and mind is wanting to catch up!

You get to TRUST in the leap and invest in your evolution INTO IT.

It is time for you to experience a process of powerful RECALIBRATION.

Feel safe, grounded and regenerate HOW you're receiving what you've called in!

You're not doing anything WRONG. You're not broken or need fixing, of course! You DO the work and ARE the change. It's just that you have certain aspects of your own psyche, identity and ways of being that simply do NOT align to the expansion you've called in and are indeed in the middle of LIVING.

This is NOT surface to mid level mindset and fitness.


Work with someone (like me honay) who can tap into the subconscious /dark/shadow/hidden areas of your being, or else they will surface JUST as all the good fresh manifestation is coming in.

This will feel like set backs and trick you into thinking you aren't up to YOUR vision and dream!!

This looks like DELAY or DISRUPTION right as you're gearing up to GO BIG. 

You've done the things, you're BEING the thing, you called in, and then BOOM, you get sick, or your ex suddenly challenges the custody issues and leaves you no time, or you start packing on weight, even though you're on a healthy fitness plan.

Hot damn if we don't integrate fully we won't activate fully.

Our inner baby and being will get the attention she needs, and our old ways will persist if we don't address the depth of our being as we grow.

This is subtle and profound work that changes the WAY you BE forever. 

This is an investment in the foundation of your BEING, that shifts how you respond to BLISS, and the excitement of your dreams coming true, so you don't REPEL everything you ever truly desired.

LOVE your frequency for you are the miracle!