Posted On Mar 21, 2022 |

How do you step up and beyond those limitations that are keeping you from being visible, or fully honoring your MYSTICAL rituals and routines WHILE you build your baller bizness?

What if all the things you’re doing right now are not ever ever ever going to bring you into connection with that vision that guides you?

What if what you decide to do first is what’s FIRST!!

You must first come from deciding that you are ready to REBOOT your neural pathways, your energetic system and your cultural, spiritual and religious allegiances, your beliefs your perceptions.The stuff keeping you tethered into what you’ve decided you’re ready to release?

Like a power wash regeneration of all your cellular awareness and aura and being.YOU initiate it - I guide you through it.

You learn to do this for yourself and it changes everything about how you be in your energy and being.

The people pleasing that’s STILL going on is reflected in the lack of ambition and response from your tribe.

Your bold and vivacious gifts are to be delighted in and celebrated and the energy is one of hesitance, even needing permission?

It’s attracting those who are responding to you BEFORE you’ve become clear, activated and rebooted in your beliefs and perceptions.

It’s exactly what my beautiful current offer will support you with.

It’s your Valtopia Biz Expansion, soul activation portrait, 5 day 1:1 Voxer, 30 days frequency calibration.

Holy moly I love this offer so much and so many of you have decided and expanded powerfully with exactly this!


It’s a beautiful way to do this work of DNA generational REBIRTH within ourself.

I am your loving and focused guide for THIS as you are my divine soul sister or brother in leadership, reading my posts and knowing you’re delighted in my energy and wanting to truly rock solid anchor your sense of freedom, self trust, authentic connection to self and others and clear this cultural goop keeping you from fully fully being all the power queen king that you are already!


You are ready for this level of mastery in your quantum skillz and being.I can’t wait to reboot and rebirth with you this is a powerful investment. Own your frequency you are the miracle!More information is here.