Your next 90 days will be...

Apr 25, 2022 |

You know I keep it real. Like, at the expense of making money in the short term, I tell the truth and then y’all can trust me on the long term. I ain’t going anywhere as far as I know anytime soon. 😌

So… It takes 90 days before you can trade live.

😨 I mean, you can go live from day 1 but that would be like saying “here! Take all my money! Now!!!”

😨 The markets are never exactly the same and they are manipulated by the big boyz. So… if you think you’re gonna hop in there and ride these buys and sells on intuition, you’ll get to lose even more money.

😨 I can see how tempting it is to just sign up for BOTs and automate your shnizzle. Why the heck would you wanna take precious time to learn this complicated skill when it’s just”passive” for you. And keep throwing that monay on there to compound your growing sum. Uhhh have you tried to withdraw your sum?? Again. Another potential way to lose your 💰.

😘 I can see why everyone is tired and overwhelmed when it comes to these financial opportunities and first reaction is “you’re gonna lose your bag!”

Are you gonna wait until your bot doesn’t pay you?

Are you gonna wait longer and put off your 90 day minimum training period? 

The longer you wait the longer you have to wait before you start learning to earn ya bag on your own. 

And go through all the headstrong mistakes most of us make when we do begin. 

Thank goodness for powerful training from truly successful 8-9 figure traders who already lost their bags multiple times and have consolidated their wisdom into powerful training modules and these GOLD NUGGET LIVE TRADING ROOMS EVERY DAY 🤯

I won’t stop shouting from the rooftops and if you can join this first wave you’ll be in at the beginning and be THE leader in your family and community that shines a light on this FREEDOM and legacy building information that has been reserved for the few for so long. This is our time to be at the forefront of the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Do ya thang AND be a solid weighted presence in the market and in our movement to change the world for the best with wealth in the hands of the creators, lovers, families and dream makers of our times. It’s you. You’re the miracle!Don’t sleep! Don’t wait. And if you do keep checking back to come in. Don’t miss. 

Love your frequency you’re the miracle!!