7 Days of Fckyeah Frequency

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 "It's changing my life!!! I'm on day 3 and the clearing has been astonishing🤯 letting it go with grace ✨ and opening up space for magical soul alignment 💫." 

Michelle Carrington

 "I can't tell you how this weight off my chest feels!! Way worth it!" 

Michael Pagel
Receivings w Michael Pagel

 "Just did day three. Each day I hear something new that reaches me.... I was a 7 prior where my body was tense/holding it. It released! I feel like zero now!!"

Jen Russman
Jen Russman Healing & Manifestation

Course Summary

Get up and RIPPLE SHIFT with 7 days of Valtopia Fckyeah Frequency

VAL Cripps

GLOWUP Artist ⚡️Fulfill your purpose, LIVE your VISION, GLOWUP your Bliss

Cheryl Taylor

Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Transformational Coach ~ Self-Love Coach

Thank you so much for giving me one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received. The breath flow session was PROFOUND!! I am tremendously grateful for you, your time, your energy, your power, and your magic. I received such a huge breakthrough and I know it is continuing to expand into a much deeper breakthrough the more I listen. I also want to thank you for ensuring that I felt completely held, seen, safe, supported and nurtured throughout the session. And thank you for guiding me to such a profound shift. 

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7 days of Ripple Shift

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