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Learn to clear the fog and dream into action your highest vision and dreams daily.

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        "I've wanted to experience Val Cripp's magic for some time now. She's always high vibe, has a ton of fun, spreading some juicy energy... it was our first time chatting and she felt like a long time friend. Totally understanding where I am, so resonating... always opened me up a bit more on standing in my own power. So important before I can be the leader for others. I need to be the best leader of me first. I felt energy shifts as she was doing the healing...like waves of gunk being moved and I'd felt lightness. It was gentle. I woke up feeling goooooood. I woke up early and my meditation was on point today. I felt more focused, and I got more downloads than I've had in a long time. I love it! I am more patient today... with less sleep (went to bed late!... my issue.) Val is magical, and so powerful! A must have secret to any biz success!!!!"

        - Whitney Mullings

        "I asked the amazing Val Cripps to guide me. She's a master energy shifter and supporter of expansion. And now, after working with her, I'm feeling bolder, more connected to my feminine rockstar mojo, and more confident that I CAN do and receive amazing things... NOW. It's amazing how working with powerhouse leaders can shake shit up and explode your potential."

        - Sarah J.

        Contact us info@valtopia.com