Four weeks to your FCKYEAH FREQUENCY 1:1 LIVE Experience-VOXER

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Week 1: Unleash Your Fckyeah Radiance
- Release the BS (belief system) 

In this epic week of "Unleash Your fckyeah Radiance," we'll burst through the layers of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and all that fckno BS holding you back. It's time to release that shnizzle, my love. Through transformative exercises, guided meditations, and alchemy, you'll shed what no longer serves your radiant soul. Get ready to ignite your authentic brilliance and shine like a supernova, embracing your fckyeah with a fiery blessing and presence.  

Week 2: Reboot Your Epic Life
- Embrace Freedom and Structure like a Boss 

In this kickass "Reboot Your Epic Life" week, we'll revamp your approach to freedom and structure. We're talking about reclaiming your power, baby. We'll infuse your life with the perfect blend of unapologetic autonomy and strategic structure that supports your fckyeah vision. You'll rock the dance floor of life, gracefully pirouetting between divine freedom and intentional systems like a boss. Get ready to reboot that shnizzle and unleash the untamed force within you.  

Week 3: Recalibrate Your Vibe
- Magnetize Your Soul Tribe 

In this mind-blowing "Recalibrate Your Vibe" week, we'll unleash the mystical forces of the universe to magnetize your soul tribe. We're talking about summoning those motherfucking kindred souls who vibe with your fckyeah mission. Through cosmic manifestations and heart-centered rituals, you'll recalibrate your energetic frequency like a goddamn sorcerer. Brace yourself, darling, because your soul tribe is about to flock to you like bees to honey.  

Week 4: Rebirth into Abundance
- Awaken Your Fckyeah Magic 

In this mind-blowing "Rebirth into Abundance" week, we'll blow the roof off your limited mindset and unleash your fucking magic. We'll dive deep into healing, expand your mindset, and perform badass alignment rituals that will skyrocket you into a world of abundant living. Say goodbye to scarcity, my love, because you're birthing a new chapter of unapologetic prosperity. Embrace the fckyeah flow of abundance in every aspect of your fckyeah journey.  Get ready to kick ass, unleash your brilliance, and live a life that screams fckyeah in every way. This program will transform you from a mere mortal into a brilliant force of nature. So buckle up, my love, because your journey to your fckyeah frequency starts now.

Course Summary

This is 4 weeks of clearing, calibration and connection to your


Course Curriculum

Valtopia Cripps

#1 Bestseller 2x Oscar ✨DIVINE SHAMAMA to the SOUL LEADERS ⚡️Fulfill your purpose ⚡️ LIVE your VISION

Michelle Carrington

Val helped me to redefine who I am💗 and who I am not! She taught me that old trauma is energy that I can "re-source" with gratitude, forgiveness, intention and creativity. She guided me and opened my awareness to new practices and tools to support my healing journey. And her light language transmissions are 🔥fire!!!

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