Valtopia ✨VAST✨

Expand into Divine BEING

Course Summary

Replenish and reboot with this Valtopiasphere experience - YOUR abundance wave painted JUST for you - voxer support during the time of the painting, booked in aligned, then the canvas shipped to you! Hold the frequency with this powerful and unique energy alignment and expansion!

I have invested THOUSANDS of dollars to feel into my vastness in SAFETY.

My nervous system and my own upper limits would have me sabotaging as I was embodying each new level of "success".

And yet I still chose to keep aligning to the directions being given to me,
and trust into dark nights of the soul, loss, confusion and stretching myself beyond my own limits.

As Soulpreneurs, this is what we BE!

In all of this search, investment, success and alignment,
I have developed a JOURNEY,
sacred, activating and EFFECTIVELY bountiful. 

with ART and frequency: a unique and activating way
 of streaming through the frequency and aligning
and embodying it with you on RECEIVE and BELIEVE mode.

You commit to the time we schedule your journey and be ready to open up and allow the process.

Your journey is virtual, telepathic, divinely guided and
results in
a canvas print,
private 1:1 energy support and voxer,
or the original canvas
and voxer support during the transmission.

"Blocks", knots and and diversions in your own divine energy flow open up
and as the energy shifts we work through the alignments and attunements to the
new frequency that you already ARE.


Sign up for just 1 or ✨12 months✨ of Abundance Wave monthly Journeys.

It's a monthly mutli-dimensional mastermind with your cosmic team,
our energy and your alignment and access to eternal frequencies - YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

BE in momentum as you journey your way through the resistance,
celebrating WINS,
recognizing movement and breaking through those familiar patterns
that love to keep you settling for less than your
your own soul biz, life,
method of BEING your most expansive self.

The Valtopia Expansive Journey for 2023 is VAST.

ALLOW this time and devotional energetic alignment to ignite
deeper levels of YOU allowing more divine strategy
and rearranging of the YOUVERSE.

Every month receive a canvas
Transfer the monthly print or painting into sessions/voxer time, a portrait or a DROP ...

(Contract to be organized upon investment.)

YOU are VAST, you live and BREATHE your vision, 
you embody the frequency of your divine transmission,
your heart is open and opening,
you love your miraculous self 

and your external world is an evolving reflection of your
FAITH, Trust and modality of BEING YOU.

THIS is the result and intention of this special invitation for you to journey
with me 1:1 and be held and blossomed in the Valtopiasphere.

Reparent and rewire your inner trust mechanism, 
child and BE the ancestor you are divinely guided to.

You receive your own Portal and are connected into extra bonus content and community.

I am here to divinely orchestrate with you your
in every aspect of your biz and life
 - as it roots into your SOMA, your perceptions, your beliefs,
your AURA, your magnetism, your energy field and your divine aspect and guidance.

I can't wait to celebrate and NOURISH your FLOW
and ride the Valtopia Abundance Wave with you!

There is always another wave coming through.

Love your frequency, you're the miracle! Love, Val Cripps

Course Curriculum

Val Cripps

#1 Bestseller 2x Oscar ✨DIVINE SHAMAMA to the SOUL LEADERS ⚡️Fulfill your purpose ⚡️ LIVE your VISION


Highly Recommend This Experience. Easy to Understand, LIT, Totally Aligned. The wave is Full of Magical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Expand their Gifts and BEING. So grateful and BLISSED. Thank you!!

Course Pricing

  • Valtopia PayPlan for ONE painting
  • 4 payments of

    $480 USD

    every 2 weeks

    Pay in advance in installments and own your own Valtopia original painting on canvas, one session and two weeks of Voxer support.

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  • Valtopia Abundance Wave

    $1888 USD


    Your own CUSTOM created acrylic on canvas painting, a session, and two weeks of voxer Support.

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  • Valtopia Monthly Waves of Abundance MONTHLY

    $1888 USD

    per month

    MONTHLY Wave and frequency transmission - ONE original canvas every MONTH

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